Friday, January 28, 2011

We're bringing back Supre

Hey dearies,

We're bringing back the Supre spree but for a limited time only. We apologize for our indecisiveness. We'll be holding weekly batches and the last batch will close on the 27th February 2011. So, do take this opportunity to purchase Supre items as they are now having a promotion on cropped tops ($7.50 each only!). Please read through the terms and conditions below. Also, please take note of the change of the price quotation method.

Please read the terms and conditions before submitting your orders.
  1. Hide&chic will not be held responsible if the item is damaged and/or goes missing during the delivery process of goods.
  2. Price quoted is exclusive of postage within Malaysia. Standard shipping rates apply. Please refer to the sidebar.
  3. The spree will close every 7 days or when the amount of orders reach RM400, which ever that comes first.
  4. Items will take approximately 10-14 days to reach us after the spree is closed.
  5. Please be aware that this is a pre-order. Please do not submit your orders should you be unable to wait.
  6. Back outs will not be tolerated.
  7. Refunds/returns are not permitted unless the item/size/colour that you have ordered and paid for has gone out of stock.
  8. Prices quoted are non-negotiable.
  9. COD is only available at Tesco, Penang Island.
  10. Actual colors of items may slightly differ depending on your monitor's display. We cannot guarantee that product descriptions and colour from the Supre website are completely accurate.
If you would like to make an order or have any queries, regarding the spree, please send us an email at We'll reply you within 24 hours.

Please submit this order form when making an order.

Contact number:
Postal method: Pos Express (1 item only) / Pos Laju
Item link:

Now for the most important part, how each piece/item is quoted.
Just refer to the equation below:

AUD refers to the price of the item in Australian Dollars.
Tax and Handling charges includes international shipping, import duty, sales tax and etc.

For example:

A dress is AUD15. Therefore,

(15 x 3.15) + (15 x 3.15 x 0.35)
= (RM47.25) + (RM47.25 x 0.35)
= (RM47.25) + (RM16.55)
= RM63.80 (This is how much you will be paying)
Please refer to the old quotation method and you'll find that the new one is actually slightly cheaper

This batch will end on 4 February

Happy shopping!


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