Thursday, June 9, 2011

Change in price quote

Hey babes,

There will be a change in price quote. Supre has switch their freight provider from AusPost International to FedEx. Previously, with AusPost International, it takes about 14 working days (about 3 weeks) to arrive us and it will do so with Pos Laju. Therefore, it was held by the customs, we will receive a "Surat Tahanan" from the customs department and will have to go to their office to get it cleared. Also, AusPost do not state how much the freight will cost. So, we only paid the 10% tax for the clothes which you already paid for. 

Now, with FedEx, they deal first hand with the customs and also they state that freight charges are about RM360. So, now we get taxed for the freight + clothes. We have been charged over RM100 so far for the previous batch of orders. We have no choice but to include that in the price quotes.The good news is FedEx takes about a week to have the items delivered to us. So, you'll received the clothes in half the time taken previously.

The bill i received from FedEx for the recent shipment:

Please refer below for the new price quote:

(AUD x 3.3) + (AUD x 3.3 x 0.53)

An example of a purchase:
A dress is AUD15. Therefore,

(15 x 3.3) + (15 x 3.3 x 0.53)
= (RM49.50) + (RM49.50 x 0.53)
= (RM49.50) + (RM26.50)
= RM76 (This is how much you will be paying) 

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